International cooking day camp for children/youth in English in Vilnius (Asian cuisine)

дневной лагерь английского в Вильнюсе

The international culinary day camp in English in Vilnius invites children and young people to get to know Asian cuisine.

Maya Dara is a star of Indonesian cuisine who teaches Asian cooking classes in Lithuania and speaks English fluently. Maya Dara is a high-level Indonesian culinary trainer who works with highly qualified European chefs, a master who is able to perfectly lay out the basics of Asian cuisine in the shortest possible time. ETNO Language is the key received the exclusive right to combine creative culinary training with language education only thanks to Maya Dara. We offer you over the course of five days:
Correct basics of food production in Asian countries (5 hours of training every day),
lectures in English
your child will cook on his own, he will learn to cook correctly with the trainer.
The price includes:
1. Food (2-times, food that the children will prepare themselves with the help of a cook on the territory of “Studio Jausmas” in Vilnius)
2. Professional kitchen, kitchen equipment: feeling, Address: Йонажолю ул. 3, LT-04134 Vilnius
3. Aprons, headgear
4. Menu notebooks with all recipes
5. Competition (in the last day of the camp)
6. Diplomas

Additional information:

The training will be held in English! The trainer doesn’t speak Lithuanian, so the work requires not only the body, but also the brain. Students and schoolchildren will not be able to talk to each other in Lithuanian during the camp so that not only the body but also the brain works (the teacher will assign push-ups and squats if this rule is violated).
Lager international.
Age of vacationers (groups are formed by age): 8 – 18 years, 10-12 students (individual approach to each student).

Price: 299 euros.

Date: 31.07 – 04.08

Day camp hours: 09:30 – 14:30

Location: Vilnius

Additional information:

Before arriving at the camp, you will be sent a detailed program of the camp.
Accident insurance is included in the price.
Sushi, Tempura, Tofu, Korokke, Taiyaki, Mitarashi Dango, Chon, Palka, Onigiri, Gungjung Ttokpokki, Miso, Dumplings, Gimbeg, Pockets for green onions, Clove cabbage, Kung Pao Wontony with cream cheese, Japche , Char Siu, Katsu Sando

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