Advertising is the most popular portal about children’s summer camps in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and abroad, about clubs for children, sports sections, holidays for children, language courses and events for the whole family.

The portal has been operating for more than 12 years, and every month the portal is visited by 3,000-4,000 unique visitors. Site traffic is growing progressively. occupies a leading position in search engines for queries related to children’s tourism and recreation in the Baltics.

Who are our clients:

Our clients are parents and teenagers who are looking for a children’s camp or development studio, or are planning to organize a children’s party!

Why should you advertise with us?

On our website, your potential clients are looking for you!

Who can advertise:

We can advertise:

organizers of children’s holidays in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, as well as organizers of children’s holiday camps abroad;
organizers of children’s parties;
organizers of language courses for children and teenagers;
children’s development studios;
children’s online stores, etc.

Possible options for cooperation:

Free placement of materials, percentage of attracted clients:

In this case, the payment (commission) will be made from the amount paid by the client. As a rule, this is 7 – 20% of the amount of received orders.

Possible options for placing your commercial offer.

Banner placements:

The cost of placing a banner for a month is 45 €
The cost of placing a banner for half a year is 180 €
The cost of placing a banner for a year is 270 €

Discounts are possible for longer stays.

Posting advertising articles:


There are 2 possibilities:

One-time placement fee:

The cost of publishing an article in two languages is 150 euros / 1 month.
The cost of publishing an article in two languages is 450 euros / 6 months.
The cost of publishing an article in two languages is 700 euros / 12 months.
(Information will be posted in 1 section of the site in 5 languages (optional)

Percentage from the sale of vouchers:

Free placement on the site, payment is made only for attracted clients from our site.

You can add information about the camp to our catalog here.

Children’s clubs and sports sections, as well as lectures for parents:

15 euros – 1 month
30 euros – 6 months (5 euros per month)
45 euros – 12 months (3.75 euros per month)
210 euros – 5 years

Attention! If the classes or events are free, there will be no posting fee!

We can post information on the portal within 2-3 days; you will only need colorful photographs and a description.

Promotion! Post information on our website for only 21 euros. Detailed information here:

If you are interested in the offer, please contact us!

For all questions related to advertising, you can write to

We look forward to successful cooperation!

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