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Camps Abroad 2024

The statistics show that every year more and more parents prefer rest in foreign camps for their children. Of course, such a vacation for a child has its advantages, the value of which is hard not to notice. The main advantages of this type of vacation for a child are that there is a chance to relax in the optimal ratio of time spent by friends, time for wellness procedures and learning a foreign language.
A trip to a children’s camp outside the country allows the child to get into an environment where everyone communicates in the same language. This is an opportunity to plunge into an environment where the studied language dominates, in addition to classes that improve and increase knowledge, to discover the language in communication and constantly train, developing the ability to communicate, and use in practice everything that was given in the classroom. Undoubtedly, speaking with native speakers is an opportunity to learn it much faster.
Children’s camps abroad usually operate during the holidays, but the demand for certain camps usually depends on the time of year the camp is visited. So, for example, during the summer holidays, those camps that are located on the sea coast are the most popular, and in winter they prefer more camps near ski resorts.
In addition to the fact that visiting a foreign camp will allow your child to gain a lot of knowledge, the camps also prepare a lot of entertainment, excursions, sports games, dances, competitions and competitions, so your child will definitely not get bored.
We also offer a large selection of international camps in Europe: England, Estonia, Switzerland , Spain, Canada, Lithuania, Poland, in Germany, in Malta, France, USA, Latvia.
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Weight loss camp in Europe (in Latvia)

лагеря на море для поростков 2018


Duration of teen weight loss camp program: 7 days

Age of program participants: 5-16 years old


– Knowledge and skills to help them (teenagers) move towards a healthier lifestyle and take care of healthy healthy weight loss, maintain the weight gain achieved during the program.

– Prevention of mistakes and harmful consequences of incorrect weight loss efforts.